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Alumni Activities

I. Organization chart

II. People

No. Full name Position Year of admission Mission
1 Ly Thanh Tai Vice Chairman of BKA - Head of Representation Board 1996

- Being the highest representative of the Alumni Association of Environment and Natural Resources. Responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships between the University with domestic and international partners, as well as managing alumni activities

- Managing and operating an overview of the activities of the Executive Board through the Deputy Head

2 Tran Thi Co Deputy Head of Standing 2002

- Authorized by the Chairman of the Head of Representatives to run and administer the Vice Presidents: Administration and Operations, External Relations, Communication, Events, Finance

- Develop orientations and plans for the Representative Board; support the lower Representative Board's activities

- Perform other duties as assigned by Head of Representative Board

3 Luu Dinh HIep Deputy Head of Liaison 1994

- Being as the liaison between the Representative Board and the HCMUT and Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources 

- Inform on the Action Plan of the Representative Board to the Faculty, the University Board of Directors, and vice versa

4 Do Thi Thuy Hang Deputy Head of Events 1999 - Assisting with the planning of Alumni Association events such as academic activities, cultural and artistic activities, physical training and sports, member connection activities, experience sharing, counseling, and student career orientation
5 Nguyen Tran Lien Huong Deputy Head of Art and Literature 1998 - Assisting in the planning of Alumni Association art cultural programs. Participating in contributing repertoires, fostering culture, and promoting formal activities
6 Chau Ngoc Cam Van Deputy Head of  Communications 2002 - Promote the Environment and Natural Resources Alumni Association's activities through building and maintaining the Association's website, forum, Fanpage and Group (Facebook), and other social networks
7 Dao Minh Trung Deputy Head of   Administration and Operations 1999

- In charge of the overall management and administration of the Alumni Representative Board's activities, in accordance with the functions, duties, and powers assigned and authorized by the Head of the Representative Board

- Under the guidance of the Board of Representatives, drafting and promulgating decisions, guidelines, and rules, as well as monitoring, urging, and inspecting their execution

8 Dong Thi Tu Anh Deputy Head of Finance    2001

- Consult financial management regulations to the Representative Board

- Fundraising, sponsorship, and management of the Alumni Association for Environment and Natural Resources Fund

9 Nguyen Nhu Hien Deputy Head of External Relations 1999

- Being a liaison between the Environment and Natural Resources Alumni Association and organizations, and individuals (external and internal).

- Encourage collaboration between students, businesses, and faculty to form a network to support multilateral development

10 Nguyen Thi Cam Tien Deputy Head of Database Administration 2013

-Maintain and update data about the operations of the Alumni Association

-The Alumni Association Website data management


III. Activities

1. External activities

Planning to raise funding and a preliminary budget for the University's and BKA's activities as follows:

-  Construc ting the "Hieu Bo" Building (Thu DUc site)

-  Establishment of the BKA Management and Leadership Training Institute

-  BKA Scholarships Program

-  Student Credit Fund Program

-  Constructing of the Phu Tho - Bach Khoa Club

-  Building BKA Community Platform

Besides, each Deputy of Head specifies their responsibilities and affiliation with the aforementioned tasks. Within the scope of the department's responsibilities, organizing and mobilizing resources to support the above-mentioned events and enhance BKA-contribution FENR's role.

2. Internal activities

a. Welcome Ceremony for New Student (K2020)

On October 10, 2020, a welcoming ceremony for incoming students was held, with BKA-FENR delegate Mr. Dao Minh Trung in attendance (Deputy Head of   Administration and Operations).


b. Technology Fair

On January 23, 2021, the Technology Fair was held. With a significant number of students and businesses in attendance, it was highly successful.


c. Career counseling and Job fair

BKA-FERN is regularly involved in career counseling events for students from the time of admission until graduation.

In 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, a BKA-FERN representative (Ms. Cam Van - K2002) took part in and supported this activity via an online form.


d. Social network communication (Fanpage and Group)

-  BKA-FERN's fanpage has reached nearly 600 followers

-  BKE-FERN's closed group has 741 MO-ers, of which 12 topics have been discussed.


Function of Fanpage:

-  Communication about events of BKA in general and BKA-FERN in particular

-  Support to post job vacancies, tighten the relationship between enterprises and BKA-FERN

-  Connect to the BKA-FERN network


e. BKA-FENR database management

-  The current BKA-FERN database is stored by using Google Drive (alumnia.bkmo@gmail.com

-  Communication and data updates are now being performed to integrate with the BKA common system


f. BKA-FENR Scholarship Award

The Scholarship Award Ceremony was held on November 20, 2020 with a total value of VND 30,000,000