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Environmental Modeling

Laboratory for Environmental Modelling – EMLab was founded by Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology, according to Decision No1339/QĐ-ĐHBK-TCHCdated on June 11th 2016 and Decision No 878/QĐ-ĐHBK-TCHC dated on April 15 th 2016. Head of Lab: Associate professor, Doctor of Sciences: Bui Ta Long

EMLAB Education Objectives

With the vision towards 2025, EMLab founded in the purpose of promoting research, teaching and learning utilizing mathematical modelling and software, in order to tackle environmental issues, climate change and sustainable development.


EMLab’s mission is to train and consult students/participants the sense of professionalism in study and research, which enables them to participate in projects, duties in relation to environmental environment and to apply IT in solving environmental issues. Then:

  • Students are in partnershipwith EMLab’s staff and lecturers during the education program. In other words, students and lecturers/staffs share equal responsibility in accomplishingrequired tasks. All students are provided equal opportunities to participate in projects/research topics launched by EMLab
  • There is a combination of academic learning, research programs and other academic activities available throughout the program. EM Lab assists undergraduate students in sourcing post-grad scholarship after graduation, to further develop their own career path in the next stage. Generally, excellent students will be provided opportunities to be part of research projects in the Lab, which they can work along with other lecturers and researchers. 
  • Each student/participant joining EMLab is a partner with collegues, lecturers in the Lab. Each student will receive strong support from EMLab members, however, their effort is play the most important role contributing to the final outcome. All enthusiastic and excellent students/participants will be invited to take part in EMLab projects.

Functions & Duties

  • Training and teaching students/participants for department of Environment and Natural Resources, which focus on the application of modelling in research, environmental management and climate change
  • Develop short-term training programs in relation to the application of mathematic modelling, environmental software in environment management
  • Research and implementation of mathematic application and other environmental softwares in mining planning and rational use of natural resources. The key technology is a Geographic Information System (GIS), modelling, remote sensing, database systems.
  • Development of environment database system and its application to training activities, research and technology transmission, which are conducted by faculty/university
  • In conjunction with faculty of Environment and natural resources and other faculties ( faculty of Computer science and Engineering, division of Water resources, faculty of Civil Engineering, faculty of Applied Science), EMLab launches research projects or technology transmission held by the faculty/university.
  • Developing teaching and learning activities and international relation in the aspects of environmental environment and software. 

Organisational structure

EMLab is a part of faculty of Environment and Resourcesy. Due to a wide range of exposure, in addition to faculty of Environment and Resources, it is in conjunction with other faculties, divisions and labs within HCM city university of Technology. EMLab operates in multiple disciplines including division of Applied Mathematics, faculty of Applied Science, faculty of Environment and Resources, faculty of Computer technology & Science, division of Water resources, faculty of Civil engineering.


Associate professor, doctor of Science. Bui Ta Long – head of the lab

Laboratory for Environmental modelling and software

Faculty of Environment and Natural resources

Ho chi minh city University of Technology

268 Ly Thuong Kiet, District 10, Ho Chi Minh city – Kios A94

Phone: 08.38647256-6314

Website: www.emslab.net ; www.envim.net ,

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/envim.emslab