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Technical Day 2022 - Zero Waste in my Campus and Green life - 26.02.2022

02/03/2022 - 2:57 PM

To celebrate the annual Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology’s Technical Day 2022, the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources (FENR) has successfully held its very own competition on February 26th, 2022. This year’s topic is  ‘Zero Waste in my Campus and Green Life’, thus has attached many bright-minded students with innovative solutions to the increasing pollution in Vietnam.

There are 28 projects participating in the Technical Day, whose ideas ranging from recycling waste to generating solutions to protect the environment. All of them has passed in two rounds, and the Final round was held by webinar online with the participation from lecturers, representative from FENR’s alumni and Duong Nhat’s company.

Participants in the Technical Day 2022


In this event, it’s also a collaboration between the HCMUT and the GREENUS project (GREEN waste management new Education System for recycling and environmental protection in Asia). This project is connecting between 03 universities from Europe with 03 universities in Vietnam and 02 universities in Myanmar. Besides, the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources is in charge to implement this project in HCMUT. The Eco-campus project will utilize many innovative ideas in recycling waste, installing recycling trash cans in the campus, as well as banners and posters to raise awareness in sorting out the trash, with an aim to minimize the waste amount in garbage dumps. Moreover, this project encourages the act of protecting the environment, recycling and reusing the waste efficiently.

Teachers participating in the Technical Day 2022


After the first round, 14 projects have been selected by the judges as finalists in the Final round, taking competition online in the faculty Technical Day.

No. Projects
1 Smart Trash Can
2 Soap from recycled cooking oil
3 Conventional applications from eggshells
4 The Coffee handbook
5 Souvenirs from plastic waste
6 Organic crayons
7 Biomass paper
8 Soap from coffee waste
9 Greenhouse from plastic bottles
10 Alum contaminated water filters
11 Trash bin from recyclable waste
12 Candles from recycled cooking oil
13 Gas leaking sensor device
14 Aroma pouch from recycled orange peels


After 04 hours of exciting and dramatic competition, the First prize belongs to the project ‘Gas leaking sensor device’, following by ‘Soap from coffee waste’ at Second place, and the ‘Biomass paper’ as the Third prize winner. Another 02 consolidation prizes belong to ‘Smart trashcan’ and ‘Conventional applications from eggshells.
Moreover, the ‘Smart trashcan’ also nets themselves another ‘Best poster’ prize, and the ‘Most impressive video’ belongs to ‘Soap from coffee waste’ project.

All winners will receive further instructions and guidance from teachers and specialist. Interesting time lies ahead with our bright-minded students, so stay tuned!