Conference proceedings

10/11/2021 - 1:33 PM

STT Tên bài báo Kỷ yếu Tác giả Năm
1 Remineralization of reverse-osmosis treated drinking water using natural limestones Hội nghị GIS toàn quốc 2020 Dang Bich Phuong, Le Binh, Vo Nguyen Anh Kiet, Doan Van Tuan, Vo Nguyen Xuan Que 2021
2 Development of a submerged tubular direct contact membrane distillation system for saltwater treatment The 10th International Membrane Science & Technology Conference (IMSTEC 2020) X.T. Bui, T.T.M. Ngo 2020
3 Treatment of Wastewater Containing Reactive Dyes by electro-Fenton Method 340 – 343, 2020 5th International Conference on Green Technology and Sustainable Development (GTSD) Nguyen Thai Anh*, Tran Tien Khoi, Nguyen Nhat Huy, Hoang Thi Ngoc Mai, Nguyen Hong Ngoc Linh 2020
4 Air Pollution NO2 Assessment Using RS and GIS in Ho Chi Minh City and Neighborhood period 2015-2019


(đang chờ chấp nhận đăng)

Dinh Thi Kim Phuong, Nguyen Duc Tri 2021
5 PM2.5 pollution analysis and economic quantification of damage on city health using modelling approach: a case study of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 17th International Conference on Urban Health (ICUH-17)

Long Ta Bui, Phong Hoang Nguyen, Duyen Chau My Nguyen

6 Developing integrated tech-nology to quantify methane (CH4) emissions from landfills - case study of the Southern Key Economic Region, Viet Nam International Workshop on Innovations in Cleaner Production (ICP’20)

Long Ta Bui, Duyen Chau My Nguyen, Phong Hoang Nguyen