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Research Activities and Interests

- Activities:

  • Training high-quality human resources in the field of environment and natural resources: undergraduate (regular and English program), master, doctorate, and intensive training courses
  • Consulting, designing, manufacturing, constructing, installing, monitoring and appraising technologies, works and equipment for the treatment of drinking water, water supply, wastewater, solid waste, hazardous waste, air pollution control, ventilation, noise pollution control
  • Research and develop advanced technologies such as physico-chemical treatment, advanced treatment, nanotechnology, biotechnology, membrane technology in environmental treatment
  • Consulting and providing environmental documents such as environmental monitoring report, environmental protection plan, environmental impact assessment, certification of completion of environmental protection works, license for waste and hazardous waste treatment and management, water use license, discharge permit, ISO
  • Analysis and monitoring of environmental indicators of water, wastewater, soil, solid waste, air, noise, ... for scientific research and environmental services
  • Assessment, planning, management, conservation, efficient and sustainable use of natural resources, through environmental modeling solutions for air, surface water, and groundwater; geographic information systems, remote sensing, and cartography; machine learning, IoT, and artificial intelligence
  • Research and develop technical and management solutions in climate change adaptation, disaster reduction, ecological industry, circular economy, and sustainable development

- Main research directions:

  • Basic research in water, wastewater, solid waste and air pollution treatment using advanced physico-chemical, biological, and nanotechnology
  • Basic research on natural resources and soil, water, and air environment
  • Developing modeling, GIS, remote sensing, AI solutions in engineering and management of resources and environment
  • Research and apply technological solutions in engineering treatment and management of natural resources and the environment in Vietnam conditions and according to the order from agencies and businesses

- Notable services:

  • Environmental treatment technologies and systems in drinking water, water supply, wastewater, air pollution control, ventilation, noise pollution control, solid waste, hazardous waste
  • Documents of environmental impact assessment, environmental measurement and monitoring, confirmation of completion of environmental protection works, and other environmental management records
  • New technological solutions in the field of natural resources and environmental management towards climate change adaptation and sustainable development
  • Scientific articles published in international journals of WoS/Scopus and domestic journals