Vision - Mission

1. Vision of FENR

The vision of FENR is to become a leading center of training and scientific research at the same level with advanced universities in Asia, in fields concerned with protection of environment and natural resources.

2. Mission of FENR

As the development strategy of FENR and vision to the year 2020, the missions included as follows: (i) Under suitable studying and working condition/facilities, FERN will be a place where can abstract qualified experts and professors who may significantly contribute for education and research for environment and natural resource fields; (ii) FERN will be a good school for training graduates and undergraduates on the environment and natural resources fields and, hopefully, its quality may be the same as that of well-known Universities in the South East Asia; (iii)  FERN will be a Center for research and technology transfer on environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources  and (iv) FERN will have variety of joint researches as well as education exchanges with international/regional organizations which will be important assistance for strengthening quality of research-based education.

FENR coupled with other Faculties will conduct HCMUT’s mission aiming to HCMUT as one of the leading Universities in Vietnam and South East Asia at where will provide high qualified/talent human resources who efficiently dedicate to sustainable socio-economic development of Vietnam and region.