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08/09/2016 - 9:56 AM


Tư vấn Giám sát của một dự án Cầu đường ODA ở Mekong Delta đang cần KS Môi trường Cao cấp (đang cần ngay):

Ứng viên phải dùng tốt tiếng Anh, đã từng làm vị trí này trong một dự án tương tự.

Sr. Environmental Specialist (National): is an experienced expert with sufficient experience in monitoring contractors’ compliance with environmental provisions of the contract and preparing required documentation for construction projects with environmental impacts similar to those of the Project.


· Could be a Civil engineer with environmental training and knowledge of Vietnam environmental laws and standards

· Construction or construction management background

· Five years experience

· Excellent English - speaking, reading, writing

· Location: Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province


The key responsibilities of the National Environmental Specialist include:

- Monitoring for Environmental Mitigation Activities by the Contractors.

- Reporting of Environmental Monitoring Results.

- Prepare Environmental Monitoring Reports.

Following environmental issues of potential negative impact, listed below, which should be addressed by the Environmental-Engineering Specialist:

- Disturbance of water quality and natural habitats (slight for all sections, but should be minimised;

- Increased air pollution, noise and vibration, mainly due to the construction of the roads, the construction of embankments and the transportation of construction materials. Stone crushing plants and asphalt concrete production units are also a major problem concerning this subject.

- Water pollution, waste discharge and the hindrance to waterway transport which will be mainly due to bridge upgrading, construction of culverts and surface water drainage.

- Support the International Environmental Specialist and the Resident Engineer / [Deputy] Project Manager in related works, as required.

- Etc.

 Bạn nào quan tâm & có thể hợp tác, vui lòng gửi nhanh CV (Curriculum Vitae) theo mẫu ADB vào email: (trước ngày 09/7/2016)